Sunday, September 18, 2011

Light Moves - new work

Light Moves 2315

Light Moves 2322

Light Moves 2434

Light Moves 2605

I am fascinated by the capacity of photography to capture light in motion. There is something so evocative of unseen forces and energy alive in our world that these images express to me.  From the start, several people have commented that my approach to this medium is more as a painter than a photographer.  These are indeed paintings in light and color. 
I have been working with light and movement in photographs for several years now.  This particular series came out of a middle of the night inspiration.  I awoke in the wee hours one morning with a hunger to create.  Rather than lying in bed mulling over the process, I got up, picked up my camera and began photographing in the dark the many nightlights we have around the house, while moving the camera.  The long exposure times allowed for quite a range of movement to be captured.  These are a sampling of the 100's of images that were formed over more than 2 hours of shooting.  I was lost in the timeless world of the creative process.  Energized and exhausted I finally had to stop because the sky was lightening. 
These would be powerful as large backlit images or mounted on aluminum without frames, to feature the luminosity and bold graphic lines, reminiscent of Motherwell or Franz Kline's large canvases.  The deep black space is equally as important as the flow of line, expressing the power of open space.  Emptiness and luminosity expressed.  To see more of the Light Moves series, visit my website gallery, Photographs/Light Moves at