Friday, June 6, 2008

Canoe Ride Refined

This is a temporary solution for presenting the video, "Canoe Ride" with titles and credits. I am thoroughly frustrated by the technology glitches of different video file formats and compatibility with viewers, between Mac's and PC's. While Quicktime will allow me to convert a file from .mov to .avi and Windows Movie Maker will read .avi files (but not. mov files) I am hitting a wall in trying to save my final version back to .avi on my computer even though there is plenty of space, so here is what I have done temporarily saved online. I must remember that mercury is retrograde and communicating is tough right now, so with patience and perseverance I will get this into a final form for presentation eventually.
My apologies for the venting...
On a more positive note, 3 of my composite images will be on display in the Chocolate Church Art Center's Summer Juried Show, June 6-July 5 in Bath, Maine. If you are in the area, stop by to see them in person along with other work by area artists. Gallery hours are 12-4 pm Tues.-Sat.

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Leonard said...

Re: file conversions -- have you tried Visual Hub? Worth the $.