Saturday, November 24, 2007

Reflected Water and Light

I have been recording video of water reflections and water's movement and these are just a few snippets that will be expanded into an installation exploring the phenomenal experience of water

Rounding the Bend - one of several videos taken of a canoe ride near our home. This video is 1 minute and 8 seconds long - I have compressed the file for web viewing, but prefer the full size version as it gives better definition to the ripples on the water, a major feature of these pieces. It is my intention to combine these images with images of streams, waterfalls and ripples on the ocean that I have already recorded to create an environmental exhibit with multiple projections happening at random intervals in a walled space with seating. The viewer would be encouraged to take in the imagery at an intimate level, preferrably close to lifesize, and enjoy the melodies of the water sounds along with the movement of reflections, water and light created by the videos.

Here are two more of the videos from this trip.

Ripple Effect- 1 minute and 6 sec

Rippling Trees - 50 seconds This video has a choppy cut about half way in due in part to the compression. I do however, hope to do better when I get more advanced editing software to work with these pieces.

This last piece is quite sloooowww, as it was intended. So settle back and see if you can discern the subtle movement of light and color. The movement was in real time. If you wish to see a speeded up version for those impatient souls, just move the slider and you will indeed see movement.

Prism Light - 4 minutes and 22 seconds